Doomsday Ministry’s New Prediction for End Of World – It’s Tomorrow!

October 28, 2011

In their most recent prediction for the end of the world, the Doomsday Ministry, formerly Christian radio broadcasting network, had predicted the end of the world, again.

“We believe this is going to happen tomorrow”, said spokesman Jack Rightie Tightie. When asked if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, Jack had this to say, “Oh yes it will. Tomorrow, tomorrow, will no longer be tomorrow, it will be today, therefore the end will happen on tomorrow’s tomorrow. It will always be tomorrow, today, don’t ya know”.

Experts theologians were mixed on the news. Some agreeing with the logic that on one tomorrow, the end will indeed come and that the ministry is correct. Others, who believe they are far more sane then anyone else interviewed, believe this is just a bunch of phoey.

“I can apply this logic to anything,” said long time priest, former NFL player Priest Holmes, “Tomorrow I’ll day, and tomorrow my children will die, and tomorrow the sun will blow up. Everything happens on someday’s tomorrow.”

When confronted with Priest’s statements, doomsday ministry had this to say, “He’s a football player, not a priest!”

We agree. Every tomorrow is today’s tomorrow and every tomorrow will be today’s today. The doomsday club just might have gotten this one right!


October 2011
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