Nuclear Power to be Replaced With Human Walking Wheels

December 18, 2011

In a bold move by energy corporations, nuclear power will be replaced completely with massive spinning wheels powered by walking people. Energy spokesman Eric Harold Thomas McPherson has this to say, “People walk, why not bottle it?” Why not indeed!

Just where these giant wheels will be stored remained a mystery. The intrepid reporters at the TW have discovered that these massive wheels maybe installed near congress. “They really just go in circles all day anyway, why not harness that power?” said a random person walking somewhere in DC.

While it’s true that giant massive wheels powered by walking people might just be a solid power source it remains unclear how people will be fed, enter or leave the wheel and where they will use the facilities.

Whatever the outcome, we applaud the attempts by the energy conglomerates in their tireless quest to find a cheap source of energy for all citizens.

December 2011
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