Senator Reid Confirms – Boehner’s Have Brains!

November 30, 2012

In a stunning scientific breakthrough, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid hinted that Boehner’s have brains by saying he wasn’t sure where they are located. This confirms long time held beliefs that a penis can actually think for a grown man.  The Tomato Weekly consulted scientists, feminists, and chauvinists to get their reaction. The general consensus we received is, except from the scientists who felt that’s not what Reid meant, agreed with the Senator’s statements.

“All men think with their dicks, it’s just known,” said Sally Weinbecker of the Institute of Anti-Penile Rights. “We need to understand that this represents a serious and real threat to the entire human race. What happens with Penis’s decide to start thinking about politics? They’ll vote in their own kind. And when that happens it will be free porn and bathrooms on every corner. Can you imagine the horror?”

Senior chauvinists at the world renowned Manly Man Club of Greater Greater States had this to say, “Does the Penis think? Fuck ya!”

Lead scientist in charge of things we at the Tomato are not able to pronounce, let alone spell, had this to say, “Are you people a real news agency?”

Yes, sir, we are.

November 2012
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