Vice President Joe Biden Gets Lost In Costco

November 30, 2012

In a stunning move proving his own ability to lose his way, Vice President Joe Biden got lost inside Washington DC’s newly opened Costco. Camera crews searched isles while shoppers looked under carts trying to find the Vice President. When he was finally found, with his arms and legs wrapped around 200 lbs of uncooked bacon, he had this to say, “Can you believe all this bacon just lying around?! Man, I’m going to need this in four years!”

When told the bacon wasn’t actually a currency Mr. Biden released it and said he was just “Malarkin around”. MR. Biden then proceeded to tour the Costco, purchasing a number of items. Sources tell the Tomato that Mr. Biden didn’t try to pay with a meat product. We here at the Tomato say, good on to you sir! We’ll send some bacon your way in four years!

November 2012
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