Famed Spelunking Expert Clive Cliverson Dives off Fiscal Cliff – Says There Are Cookies!

December 1, 2012

Famed cavern explorer Clive Cliverson today volunteered to jump off the fiscal cliff to see what was there. He was warned by many members of the Republican and Democratic parties that jumping off could lead to his doom. Undeterred, Clive leapt with a bottle of wine, walkie talking and a roll of quarters. When asked why he took quarters Clive had this to say, “Well, there could be meters down there.”

After only minutes of having dived down the endless slope, Clive radioed back to the staff of the Tomato Weekly and reported that he had landed, the natives were peaceful and they had oatmeal rasin cookies. We asked both Senate and House majority leaders what the meaning of this is but both declined comment.

We don’t know what awaits the world when the rest of the country falls off this cliff but hopefully, when we do, Clive will share some cookies with us!

December 2012
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