Senator John McCain on Susan Rice – “She writes books on Vampires!”

December 1, 2012

John McCain appeared today on the weekly, biweekly, every-other-weekly, Tomato Politics and had this to say, “Recently, it’s come to my attention, see, I was walking in a book store and saw these books, about vampires. About sex. And you know who wrote them? A woman named Ms. Rice!”

When probed whether or not it was the same Ms. Rice, Mr. McCain had this to say, “There’s more than one? My god! I even hear she used to be a republican, believed there were weapons in Iraq and wrote more books about witches! No way is she becoming secretary of state. No way, not on my watch. No sir.”

Susan Rice had no comment to our producers when asked why she wrote books about vampires and witches. One theory currently flying around the blogosphere is that she didn’t and the Republicans are looking for an excuse to appear demented and blame the last two years on the flu. Good luck to them!

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