Shahs of Sunset Launch Jihad On Old Jewish Men and Early Bird Dinner

December 1, 2012

In a move that could explode into an international issue of being the most meaningless news in the world, the Shah’s of Sunset start their second season by going all Jihad on some old people having early dinner. The scene, rumored to have not actually unfolded, at an early bird dinner special joint on off route 95 somewhere in the swamps of Florida. The incident occurred with several Shah’s making a pit stop and insisting on having brunch but were in fact greeted with dinner. When told there was no brunch the Shah’s erupted in song, finger waving, name calling and even, it is rumored, waving their naked butts at restaurant patrons.

Several customers, being jewish, felt their lands were being invaded and began to fire anti-name calling guilt trips at the Shah’s insisting they were being rude and unkind. The Shah’s retaliated with spit propelled balls of napkins fired through straws some believe smuggled in from the next door denny’s. The Shah’s eventually retreated and the old people eventually went to sleep, or had heart attacks, we aren’t really sure.

We here at the Tomato hope the International House of Pancakes and Diplomacy can step in and broker some kind of peace.

December 2012
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