United States Finds Bigfoot Nest – China Finds Mermaid Pond

December 3, 2012

In a stunning revelation of fairy tale proportions, many worldwide governments are making announcements about discoveries surrounding previously thought to be mythical creatures. Following North Korea’s announcement of the Unicorn Cave, the United States released a press release from the Department of Unusual Incidents, DUI, stating that a Bigfoot next had been found in the North of South Carolina. The Bigfeet were sitting around a camp fire, drinking from wooden cups and singing in a strange language. DUI spokesmen Tom Tom had this to say, “They were just sitting there, drinking, with really really big feet, I was stunned.”

In China the Ministry of Maniacal Claims, MMC, stated they had found the long lost pool of mermaids in the south china sea. The stunning revelation even included a video which was quickly confiscated but our intrepid reporters were able to view. In it, two women are clearly seen holding their noses while being underwater. Undeniable proof.

The Tomato will keep on this story and even now we are hearing rumors of France finding a man-frog. Psychologist Larry Yarrl had this to say, “This is certainly a great time to be a nutter.”  We agree!

December 2012
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