Young George Clooney Threatens Lawsuit – I’m Not Garbage!

January 15, 2013

In a stunning turn of time travel trickery, young George Clooney has sent a letter to the Golden Globes complaining about being called ‘garbage’. “Look, i’m a reasonable guy, I just feel i’m not garbage. Old George Clooney is, well, old!”

The Tomato attempted to contact middle age George Clooney but were unable. We did, however, get in touch with old George Clooney who had this to say, “Please help me, i’ve pooped my pants.” After a clean, and three quarts of Ensure, old George Clooney felt better, and had this to say, “Well, its like this. I’m old now. I was young then, and somewhere in the middle Amy called my younger self garbage. Hey, it’s ok, i’m still pretty hot. I’ll tell the young man to calm down,” said George. Who then left with four twenty something supermodels. Yes, he’s still hot.

To all our younger readers, just remember, one day you’ll make¬†yourself¬†look like garbage. So things are just going to get better!

January 2013
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