Discovery Channel Launches New Show: Naked Zombie Ice Road Trucking Housewives

June 25, 2013

Discovery channel announced today they would be launching a new show devoted to naked zombies, who drive trucks on ice roads, and are former Real Housewives stars from Orange County, New Jersey and Atlanta. “We’re really trying to hit our viewers on all levels. Zombies, nudeness, ice roads and housewives. It’s a trifecta of ratings gold,” said Discovery channel spokesman Carl Collins McCollins.

According to the press release, the show will feature zombies attempting to drive a tractor trailer truck across an ice road in northern Canada while at the same time eating their cameramen. The zombies are all former housewives stars and rumor has it there’s a contest to see who can drive the farthest while only eating a single limb. Odds makers have Nene coming in at a distant third.

Asked how the housewives stars would be zombified, director of programming Steven Stevie Steves had this to say, “We are going to inject them with some green stuff we found in some lab. Should work.”

We at the Tomato can’t wait to watch the first season!

June 2013
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