Edward Snowden – From China to Russia: Traveling on the Freedom Trail

June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden has traveled from the tolerant and free press mecca of China to the country where freedom is synonymous with Siberia. The one time NSA contractor and soon to be guest at Leavenworth, getting the nations best 4 star treatment, has landed in Moscow today where hopes to not at all make it seem like he’s spying for foreign countries. The Tomato tracked down Mr. Snowden in Moscow, who had this to say, “I’m releasing secrets to anyone who puts me up in a hotel and flies me to countries with no extradition treaties with the USA.”

Unfortunately, we at the Tomato do not have those resources and as such the interview was immediately terminated as some one from a rival paper offered Mr. Snowden donuts and and time on their YouTube channel.

Far East corespondent, and world champion pencil fighter, Margot Putter had this to say, “It’s clear Mr. Snowden is following the freedom trail. That trail that runs through China, Vietnam, North Korea and on to Russia. Many have travelled the freedom trail looking for governments who understood that free speech is not only a right, it’s one way ticket to your own room, a bar of soap and three squares a day.”

We wish Mr. Snowden well in whatever he hopes to find in Moscow. Being the bastion of freedom that is has been over the last century, we’re sure he’s to find it.

June 2013
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