Fox News On Recent Supreme Court Ruling: Poor People Shouldn’t Vote Anyway

June 25, 2013

In a stunning statement, hosts on the Fox News morning show, Huey, Duey and Looney, today stated that Supreme Court ruling on the 1965 Voting Rights act was ok as poor people shouldn’t vote anyway. “Why are they voting? They are poor! Only rich people should vote, we pay the taxes, we have the say,” said host Huey. “You are right about that,” said Duey. “I have purple toenail paint on,” said Looney.

Commenter and former Alaskan¬†governor¬†Sarah Palin had this to say, “Ya know in the great state of Alaska, if you are poor you get moved out to the remote places where no one can see you or talk to you. If you are rich or white then ya sure, welcome to the table. But hey, in the great state of Alaska, we can still tolerate the poor just fine ya.”

ACLU spokesman David D. Davidus had this to say, “It’s amazing what is happening in this country. Rich people have us so twisted around. Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame the democrats. But it’s the rich people that are causing all the problems.”

Rich person and hair weave addict Donald Trump had this to say, “Being rich, is being better. Who denies I’m better than you? No one. Why? I’m rich. The Apprentice.”

Whatever your economic position, we at the Tomato believe everyone should have the right to vote, regardless of wages. Where do you stand?


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