Man Uses Waterpark To Clean Prostate

June 17, 2013

In what can only be described as confirmation of years of pool horror stories, a man, Rex Rexxon Rexxoff Rexton, from Kalamazoozoozooy, Texas was arrested Sunday for sliding down a water slide naked. When arrested the man had this to say, “Doctor said I needed to clean my prostate before Obamacare is legal.” When asked what that meant, Obamacare expect and lifetime self-described superduper genius, congressman Ryan Paul had this to say, “The poor are bad. We must not help them. Remember, the rich are your masters. Obamacare is the anti-christ! Now dance monkey!”

The doctor who prescribed this unorthodox treatment, Dr. Phil McDonhue Douglas, had this to say. “Well, yeah, I told him to clean his prostate. But I told him I’d do it at 200 an hour. I did say I use a waterpick, maybe that’s the confusion?”

We certainly hope so. Remember kids, if you want to clean your prostate, let a professional do it!

June 2013
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