Miss Utah Claims “I Pooped My Brains Out” as Reason For Moronic Answer

June 17, 2013

Miss Utah is in the news this week after giving an answer to a question over the weekend in regards to why women make less than men. Her response, even now burning holes in the brains of children everywhere, was more a blind rambling of words that sounded nice but never answered the question. The internet is abuzz with Miss Utah’s extreme beauty and total lack of gray matter.

When asked about her fabulous flub, Mr. Utah has this to say, “In preparation for these contests, we must lose weight and be very thin. Because, you know, we have to be hot. Because, you know, so we can win. So, you know, I had to loose more weight and I had a few pounds in my head so, we did some long term brain-pooping training with this yogi from salt lake, and I squeezed out my frontal lobes in a wonderfully relaxing bowel movement. It was epic. No one cares about those questions anyway, they are silly. Wanna see my butt?”

Why, yes, yes we do.

June 2013
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