Zimmerman Found Not Guility – Shoots Prosecutor Leaving Court House

July 13, 2013

The Jury in the George Zimmerman trail have returned a verdict of Not Guilty. Mr. Zimmerman immediately ran out of the course house to a parked car, ran back inside and confronted the state prosecutor about how he has put his life through hell. “How dare you do this to me and take away my god given right to kill people,” Zimmerman was heard saying. Witness say the prosecutor placed his hands on Zimmerman’s chest in an effort to move past him. Zimmerman than pulled a weapon and shot the Prosecutor seven times in the chest.

“Stand your ground!” Zimmerman yelled with his arms in the air. On-lookers cheered as Mr. Zimmerman began shooting random people for looking at him. “You are threatening me!” he was heard saying.

Jurors in the case were said to shrug and say, “Eh, we’ll give it to him.” They found him not guilty for these crimes as well.

State leaders when asked about the ruling had this to say, “Now that this matter is behind us, we have to fight Socialism now.” When asked to define socialism state leaders had this to say, “It’s anything to do with Democrat’s policies to help the poor. We just can’t have any of that.”

Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin is still dead.


July 2013
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