Nokia Plans to Produce Dumbwatch in Response to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear

October 26, 2013

Nokia has announced that it is producing a not-so-smart watch called the Nokia Nitwit. The device will have an analog-style circular dial and hour and minute hands that are nonfunctional. The hands can be adjusted with the crown of the watch but are unable to keep time. Each watch will come with an Android app that will send text messages or e-mails to the owner’s phone twice each day to alert them when their watch’s time is correct. While Nokia has not disclosed the device’s price tag, marketing analyst Steve Hammond expects it to be quite reasonable. According to Hammond, the Nitwit is all about strategy.

“It really isn’t that dumb. It’s a clever way of pointing out to consumers that maybe the Galaxy Gear smartwatch isn’t so smart. It, too, requires users to have a smartphone for it to be of any use.”

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October 2013
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